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    SR169B to suit hull 4.9M – 5.4M

    SR169B to suit hull 4.9M – 5.4M


    SKU: SR169B




    •  Multi-roller design – keel roller supported, with wobble roller loading arms and side support rollers.
    •   Frame 75x75x3.0mm SHS draw-bar, 75x50x3.0mm RHS sides rails and 50x50x3.0mm SHS cross bars.
    •   1,520mm frame width, 2,065mm overall width trailer.
    •   Hot dip galvanized.
    •   Checker plate steps on mudguards.
    •   50mm mechanical override coupling.
    •   6 leaf dacromet coated slipper springs.
    •   40mm galvanized square axle (LM bearings).
    •   Mechanical over-ride disc brakes with galvanized callipers and disc hubs.
    •   155R13C 8 ply LT tyre & 13×4.5 Ford 5/114.3 galvanised rim.
    •   20 x wobble rollers with 8 supporting the stern. Stainless steel roller pins.
    •   ALKO hand winch. 5:1/1:1 gear ratios, steel cable, snap hook, stainless steel shafts and nylon bushes.
    •   Galvanised 6″ swivel jockey wheel.
    •   LED submersible lights.
    •   12 months warranty.

    • 12 months registration

    (Excluding transfers fees and stamp duty)

    • Tare : 280kg

    • Aggregate: 1,200kg

    • Capacity: 920kg


    Price excluding spare wheel and mount bracket: $5,400 Inc. GST

    Price including spare wheel and mount bracket: $5,600 Inc. GST

    Walkways are optional extras:  $450 Inc GST

    (**Prices Exclude TRANSFERS and STAMP DUTY).


    Additional information


    400 KG


    2000 KG



    Hull Size (LOA)

    5.5M – 6.1M

    Hull Length

    Beam Max