Trailit provides a range maintenance services to keep your boat, box or other trailer performing efficiently & safely. From lamp & wiring checks to fabrication of custom & replacement parts for any make of trailer, not just those that carry the Trailit name.

Here are just a few of the services provided by Trailit -

Bearings - Inspect & regrease.

  • AUD $100.00 single
  • AUD $176.22 tandem

Bearings - Replacement- A-class (Holden).

  • AUD $120.00 single
  • AUD $240.00 tandem
  • Slimline (Ford) AUD $130.00 single
  • Slimline (Ford) AUD $290.00 tandem

Spring replacement-replace springs & all fasteners. (Including axle u-bolts).

  • Tandem Axle from AUD $400.00
  • Single axle from AUD $160.00

Brake service.

  • Mechanical over-ride-replace brake pads, high tensile calliper bolts, stainless steel cable, wire rope grips & brake cable adjuster. AUD $260.00
  • Hydraulic-calliper-dependent P.O.A.

Holiday Safety Check.

  • Includes inspection & testing lamp, bearings, springs & brakes.
    From AUD $66.00 (1 hour-min) (plus parts replaced).

If you have specific needs then please contact our friendly staff, we'll be happy to find a solution.

  • All of the above prices are effective at the time of publication.
  • Prices may vary depending on the model or trailer specifications.
  • Trailit reserves the right to alter specifications & pricing without notice.