Multi-rolla Series

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Model : MR169TB
Hull Size (LOA) : 5.0m- 5.4m
Beam Max : 2300mm
Axle Spec : 40mm square, A-class
Qty Axle : 2
Springs : 5 leaf double-eye
Brakes : Mech. O/ride
Rim : 13
Tyre : 155/75R13
Tare : 320
Aggregate : 1500
Capacity : 1180
Required Capacity Calculator

SR - "Supa-rolla" trailer: completely hull supported on wobble rollers, pivoting in two (2) plains.
MR - "Multi-rolla" trailer: Keel roller supported, wobble roller-loading arms, pivoting in two (2) plains. Paired wobble roller side support.
TA - "TA-series" trailer: A-frame version of the "conventional" or "pole & bogie" boat trailer.
Keel roller supported, poly-skid or paired wobble roller side support. Along with the poly-skid locating vee each side of the locating roller.


B - Mechanical, over-ride brakes.
T - Tandem axle trailer. (2x axles, 4x wheels)
W - Wide frame trailer, to suit hull with a beam < 2.4M.
EH - electric to hydraulic, "breakaway" braking system.
3.5T - 3.5 tonne aggregate.
4T- 4 tonne aggregate.


TARE - The unloaded trailer weight, standard specification.
AGGREGATE - The maximum weight of the trailer & load.
CAPACITY - The maximum load allowed to be carried. Represents the difference between the tare & aggregate.
LOA - Length Overall. This is the maximum Physical length of the hull. Includes bow spirit & pods or marlin boards.